Sunday, February 16, 2014

Training For A 5K Race

I was looking for a 5K race to run in May with my hubby but I couldn’t find any local ones in May. After looking at a lot of races I signed up for the  Divas Half Marathon.  What girl doesn’t want to feel like a Diva?  I will start to train for it since I’m not a runner and I don’t exercise regularly.  August of last year I started the C25K program and got as far as the last week but then I got sick, the holidays came up, etc.   Excuses, excuses… I have gone out running a few times since January but not on a regular basis.  I am going to get on a regular run schedule so I can work up to running 3.1 miles.  I will be running this race by myself. I have until June to train so that should be plenty of time to get up to running 3.1 without having to walk in between.
I’ve been eying this race since last year when I ran across someone’s blog that was going to run it in San Juan Puerto Rico.  There have been a lot of good reviews of the race.  I was trying to decide between the See Jane Run, Divas Half Marathon and the Mermaid Race.  I choose the Divas one because it is close.  The See Jane Run is a little too far.  I am still going to the Mermaid Race which is in San Francisco.  It sounds like a lot of fun.  These are all women centered races. Should be fun.  I've done 5K races before but I have never run one so I'm excited about my first running race.

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