Monday, February 17, 2014

Frozen Movie

Last night hubby, the boy and I saw “Frozen”.  What a great movie!  The characters were fun and believable.  It is a visually stunning movie with a great soundtrack.  We loved all of the nuances of it.  The songs are catchy.  We along with everyone else are singing the songs all day.  Idina Menzel’s voice is flawless as well as all of the other singers.  Now we want to go to the “Frozen Sing Along” movie.

The story is a little different than the normal Disney Princess movies. It’s not about their desperate need for a boyfriend; it is more about the sister’s relationship than about Kristoff and Anna. Normally in Disney movies the male characters are about as deep as a 3 foot swimming pool. In this case all the characters are more 3 dimensional. The songs have been stuck in all three of our heads since we saw it. The standouts are “For the First Time in Forever”, “In Summer”, Let It Go”, and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman”. The snowman Olaf is a very funny character and is oblivious to everything bad happening around him. He reminded me of Sid from Ice Age. The “Let it Go” part of the movie reminded me of “Defying Gravity” from the Broadway musical “Wicked” which also featured Idina Menzel.
"While winter is a great time to cuddle, in summer I will be a…HAPPY SNOWMAN!"

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