Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lost Job

I interviewed for a "school assistant" position back in August for one of our local schools.  They wanted me to sub at the school until they hired someone for the position. They pursued me for this job. I worked for 7 weeks there then this last Friday the principal informed me that she had hired someone else for the job.  I didn't like how she handled it she made me wait for 7 weeks before she made her decision.  The staff and the kids have gotten to know me and liked me. I liked the kids and the staff. It feels like I got fired from the job. Oh well her loss. I think the person she hired wasn't available to start until October 15th. The principal said she would like to have me on their sub list. I told her I would be on their sub list but I don't really want to but I guess I shouldn't burn my bridges.  Hubby was furious and said he didn't want me to work at that school anymore period. But I think I should probably just work as the occasional sub there and try to find something else.

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