Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Interesting Walk

Hubby and I had an interesting walk on Saturday.  We wanted to walk two miles starting from the South end of the beach. There were tents and chairs set up along the beach path where we parked. Someone was getting married but the damp and gray day not good for a wedding.  We walked along the beach path near the quarry and suddenly saw lots of bikes going the other way. Now we remembered there was a bike ride that day they were headed back along the path we'd taken right through the wedding.  The path continues along the highway to a trail up to to  the top of the point. We didn't want to go back  the same way--the highway traffic is noisy and annoying so we took that path--a mild climb--and went to the top. There are great ocean views there. Then we headed back along the ridge southward.  We ran out of path so we had to shimmy down a rock strewn path and then down a narrow canyon path.  We get down to another ledge over looking the ocean the we went down some more rock strewn path to get to the path.  A little more scrambling and we were done. Then we decided to take the path along the rocky shore near the hotel. We stopped to look at the ocean  and I saw something bobbing up and down in the water.  Then we saw a surfer heading toward it.  We walked along the path where there were a bunch of people standing. Hubby asks them if anyone called 911 since it looked like the guy had capsized his kayak and couldn't get back into it. The water is dangerously cold here even in the summer.  No one had called 911 so hubby called 911 and finally they dispatched an ambulance and 2 fire trucks.  There was a person in a kayak that got dumped out of it and couldn't get back into because the waves were pretty strong. Finally the surfer makes it over to the guy and gets him back into the kayak and with the help of the surfer paddling along side him he made it back onto the beach where some guys helped him onto the beach.  One of the firemen was there to see if he needed help.  Fortunately the guy was OK.  So that was an exciting walk and now I am sore all over from having to shimmy down the cliff.  But it was a good walk and I was glad that it wasn't too hot because of all of the climbing we had to do.

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