Friday, July 20, 2012

Been On My Mind

Hubby and I were driving home this last Sunday after dropping our son off at Boy Scout camp at Shaver Lake.  We were driving North on Highway 99 near Livingston when the traffic starting slowing down.  There was an accident that happened before we got there.  The emergency vehicles hadn't arrived yet.  There was a truck facing West in the center divide near the southbound lanes and another car that was upside down in the center divide near the northbound lanes.  After we got passed the accident the first responders were just getting there.  We were wondering how that happened because it looked like a head-on crash and that didn't make sense because the highway is divided by a huge grassy area.  When we got home we googled the accident and found out the truck that was facing West was driving north in the southbound fast lane at 80mph and crashed head-on into another truck that was carrying 6 people. The wrong way driver died and 3 of the 6 in the other truck died.  There were a lot of people stopped on the side of the road on both sides running over to help them.

I have had that crash on my mind since Sunday.  Both hubby and I have been thinking about it. The next day I went out to get our garbage cans and found 2 white feathers and 2 white feathers with black tips.  From what we have been reading the guy and his two daughters in the upside truck survived but the drivers parents and wife died in the crash.  This has had such a profound affect on me.  My thoughts and prayers are with all of the families involved in the crash.  I keep seeing the upside down truck and knowing they were still in the truck when we drove past. They all must have been so scared seeing the truck driving towards them.  Rest in peace.

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