Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Job Interview

I have been working as a classified sub for the school district since 2005.  So a couple of months ago I took the school district test for School Assistant and Paraprofessional.  I passed and now I am on the wait list for the jobs.  I took the test way back in 2005 and didn't pass.  I passed the test this time. I think it is easier to take the tests when you have been working at  the jobs.  Anyway I digress a few weeks ago the district sent me 2 flyer's about job openings one was a School Assistant job and the other was a Paraprofessional job so I told the districts HR person that I wanted to apply for the School Assistant job.  I hadn't heard anything so I assumed that they had already hired someone for the position.  Beginning of last week I got a call from the HR person letting me know that I had a job interview on Wednesday for the position.
Wednesday comes and I go to the interview with the principal and the school secretary.  The school assistant yells to the principal "she's here"! The principal asks me the first question and I got all nervous.  I told them that I hadn't interviewed in 11 years so the principal says maybe what my father told me will help you.  He told me to picture them in their underwear so I got all discombobulated and red in the face.  My son goes to that school and I know the principal and secretary and I didn't want to picture them in their underwear. LOL!  The secretary said she didn't want me to picture her in her underwear.  So when the interview was finished and as I was leaving I said "you can put on your clothes".
The next day I got a call from the principal saying that he kept thinking about the advice he gave me that he thought would help and that my interview had gone badly and he wanted to give me a fair chance for the job so he asked me if I could come in that morning for a second interview.  He kept apologizing to me.  He felt really bad about it.  If it had been any other principal, I wouldn't have gotten a second chance so I am grateful to him for giving me another chance to interview.  The second interview went much better and I was able to give more coherent and detailed answers so now I am waiting to hear if I got the job.  It was funny afterwards when I was telling my hubby about it.

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