Saturday, November 05, 2011

Halloween Party

One of our friends, whose daughter is in the same grade as our son, invited hubby and I to her adult  only Halloween party.  She invited us  a couple of days before the party so we didn't have any costumes on hand. We went to House of Humor to find a last minute costume.  My son was invited to a friends Halloween party so that was perfect. There were tons of people looking for last minute costumes there.  It was too crowded.  I was surprised that there were any costumes left at all.  Of course, all of the good costumes were gone. We went up and down the isles looking for a costume but nothing struck our fantasy.  We didn't have any idea what we wanted to dress up as.  We weren't even thinking about it.  It just wasn't on our radar.  I tried on several costumes but none of them looked good on me so I ended up not getting a one.  Hubby found a pirate costume that looked on him so he got that.  I decided to wear my disco costume from my friend's 50th birthday party last year.  I just got a few more jewelry pieces to add to the costume.  I had on leggings, hippy top with some 60's jewelry and earrings.  I got a lot of compliments on the costume.  I have lost 10lbs since last year so the top fitted and the sandals I wore fitted better.  My friend invited her neighbors and a few parents from my sons school.  The food was yummy.  She made 4 huge salmons, asparagus, hummus with naan, cheese and fruit.  It was a very nice spread.  Another friend made some yummy cupcakes.  I brought the hostess a bottle of Black Cat Riesling which was in a black cat bottle.  So cute.  We had a good time even though we didn't know that many people.  We got to meet some new people.  Hubby left early to go pick up our son from his party so I was at the party by myself.  Everyone kept asking if he was coming back.  LOL!  We were going to have him stay at home but our friend said it was alright if hubby brought him back with him to the party.  My son hung out with our friends daughter so that worked out.  He hasn't seen her in a while because she is going to the middle school now.

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