Monday, September 26, 2011

Fog Fest

Yesterday we let the boy go with a couple of his friends to the Fog Fest.  They took the bus.  His friend told him he had a bunch of bus tokens that he could use but he wasn't able to use them so he called hubby saying he couldn't get on the bus because he didn't have any ones so he eventually figured out he could use his change to pay for the bus. We saw a lot of people we know there as well as kids from the boy's school. Later we met him over at the Fog Fest.  He was glad he didn't have to save money for the bus trip home since we would be driving him home. We got to enjoy the fair without the boy and got to see the booths.  Usually we go to the fun fest at the junior high school where the parks and rec have a bunch of activities for the kids.  Later in the afternoon we listened to our friend and her husband performing on one of the many stages.  The street fair has several stages and lots of different kinds of musicians performing at the same time.  We missed our son's band teacher who performed earlier in the day.  Every year the weather is sunny and warm during the Fog Fest weekend but this year it was foggy and a little damp.  They also have a Fog Jog which is 5 miles.  Hubby ran the race again this year.  We did a lot of walking up and down the street looking at the booths.  We were all tired after our trip to the Fog Fest.  Until next year...

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