Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Boy is Home From Outdoor Ed!

Last Friday, my son came back from Outdoor Ed.  Friday was an interesting day.  There was an earthquake in Japan that triggered a Tsunami.  Early Friday morning the County Emergency Services called to say we needed to evacuate because of the Tsunami warning so I went to a friend's house who lives higher up then we do.  All of the schools in our district were closed so we didn't know where they were going to drop our kids off from Outdoor Ed.  They couldn't send the buses down to get them.  Finally we were able to pick our kids up from school.

Sunday 30 of the 64 kids in his grade became sick with fever and a cough.  Some of the kids went home early from Outdoor Ed because they were sick. They all caught something at Outdoor Ed. The 30 students stayed home from school yesterday.  There were 14 kids in his class yesterday.   I don't know what they got but it is strange that they all got it at the same time.

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