Friday, January 21, 2011

My Son's First Basket of The Season

My son started playing basketball with CYO for the first time this season.  He has never played basketball so he was really excited when he made his first shot at the game tonight!  It was an awesome shot!  One of his teams threw to another guy and he tried to shoot it but it bounced off the backboard my son got the rebound and threw it in.   I was so proud of my son and his teammates for playing an excellent game.   The boys won their game 15-6.  It was a really good game.  They all played well.  They started off the season a bit slow but they are playing better as a team.  The boys on the team haven't played basketball before.  This is their second game they have won.  They won last weeks game, too.  The boys play well together.  He wants to play basketball again next year so that is good.  He has been practicing his shots with my hubby in the evenings.

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