Sunday, January 09, 2011

Ice Skating, Friends and Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my hubby!  We went ice skating this afternoon at the Ice Chalet in Foster City with our friend and her son.  We got there a little after noon and found out that they didn't open until 1pm so we had a nice lunch at Red Robin first. By the way, the tower of onion rings is 1700 calories. Just so you know.

It was the first time that my son had ever gone skating and he did really well, hugging the wall at first but then out on his own and with his friend who helped him a lot. He loved it! Hubby had been skating once before (when he was 5) so it was really his first time too. He got off the wall eventually and an hour later was, well, kind of skating. He had a great time too!

I'd been skating once when I was in Jobs Daughters so it was the wall for me, too, but after a couple of rounds I got brave and skated without the wall.  I was a bit nervous about skating since I only went once and I have a plate with 8 screws in one of my ankles so I'm always leery of doing things like this for feat that I will twist my ankle or something.  We all did fine.  My friend was zooming around the rink. She skated as a kid.  It was a fun family outing and we all got some exercise.

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