Sunday, December 12, 2010

Washington DC Trip Day Six 12-01-10

Had an ok night of sleep.  The room was on the fourth floor but on the street side so it was a little noisy.  It started raining the night before. It was pouring rain and windy when we set off to see Independence Hall.  We had a heck of a time finding where to go in to see it everything was shut off.  We asked someone and they said we had to go down a block to the Visitor Center to get tickets to go into Independence Hall.  While we waiting for the next tour to begin we went and saw the Liberty Bell.  That was amazing to see the actual bell.  Walking along the sidewalks the cars love splashing the people with water as they drive by them. LOL! After seeing Independence Hall we went back to our hotel because we were soaked through  to dry and to wait for a lull in the rain. 
Finally got a break in the weather so we went to Citizen's Bank Stadium so the boy could get a Philly's hat to add to his MLB hat collection.  He got his picture taken in front of the stadium. We navigated to the Franklin Institute.  We got there an hour before closing so we went to the heart first so we could walk through it.  There are a lot of hands on exhibits for the kids.  The boy liked the sports and the Isaac Newton sections.
We navigated to Reading Terminal Market but the GPS in the car got us all turned around and we drove in circles so by the time we got there they were closing up shop.  The boy wanted a roast pork sandwich from Tommy DiNic's.  We saw them on Man versus Food.  The boy was disappointed he didn't get a roast pork sandwich.  Hubby said we would get the sandwiches on the way out the next morning.  We were hungry so we went back to the hotel to see what restaurants were within walking distance of the hotel.  We found an Italian BYOB restaurant a couple of blocks away. We headed for Panini's Trattoria.  It is a little quaint restaurant with about a dozen tables.  The staff was really friendly.  The boy ordered a bowl of soup which was the Italian Wedding soup, I ordered the New York steak special and hubby ordered the Lobster Raviollis.  The dinners came with soup or salad so hubby and I got the Italian Wedding soup which was really good. My steak was melt in your mouth good.  Hubby said the Lobster Raviollis was good.  I gave half of my steak to the boy and to hubby because it was a good size steak.  My steak came with potato wedges and eggplant and mushroom vegis.  They had free wine or sangria that came with the adult meals.  Hubby and I got the Sangria which was really good.  For dessert the boy and I split a cheesecake which was so good.

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