Friday, December 03, 2010

Washington DC Trip Day Five 11-30-10

Since we'd missed the chance to see Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown, arriving too late yesterday, we decided to backtrack to see them and abandoned the original plan to go north to Philadelphia via Assateage and Chincoteage Islands. After leaving Virginia Beach, CA we drove to Williamsburg, bought our ticket, boarded the shuttle and went into town.  We started off at the Governors Mansion.  We heard a speech by Thomas Jefferson.  We walked around alot and saw lot of old buildings.  They decorated the houses with wreaths and garlands.  We saw the Magazine house, the cobbler.  After walking around all day, we stopped at a tavern and had some lunch.  They seated us in the bottom of the restaurant where it was dark and lit with candles.  I had a BBQ pulled pork sandwich which was really good, the boy had a hot turkey sandwich that he said wasn't good so he ate half of my sandwich and hubby had chicken and dumplings which was pretty good.  We saw a few more sites before heading to the shuttle to get back to the visitor center.
Afterwards we drove to Jamestown.  That was a lot smaller and more interesting. This is the actual site of the first permanent English settlement in North America. And it's small! The original stockade looks like it would fit in one of my boys soccer fields, and that small space could contain the entire English presence on the continent. There were a lot of cool artifacts that they had dug up there from the settlers.  There are statues of John Smith and Pocahontas. Yep, they were really here.
We drove to Philadelphia to our hotel on Chestnut Street.  It is an old historic hotel.  The room was very small and a little cramped.  We had a king bed but was supposed to get a pull out bed for the boy the room only had a king bed.  The boy got to sleep with us because there was no room to put a cot in there.  It was interesting having 3 of us in the bed but we managed.

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