Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Washington DC Trip Day Eight 12-03-10

We stayed the night in Chambersburg PA. In the morning we packed up after breakfast and headed out to Falling Water in Mill Run, PA. It is a 2 hour drive from Chambersburg. It was cold this morning 31 degrees. There were some light snow flurries. After we had been driving for an hour we started climbing up the Allegheny Mountains. The temperature dropped and it started to lightly snow. Our GPS directed to a road that had not been plowed to get to Falling Waters. We started up but then the car started to slip and we skidded backwards a little ways. We were afraid we would get stuck so hubby backed down the hill so he could turn around. We tried calling the place but the phone kept dropping the call. We finally got a hold of them and told them we had tour tickets for 1:00 and if there was another way in so they gave us directions to come in on the main highway. Of course hubby was swearing at the GPS. I was getting worried we would get stuck and got a little freaked out when we started to slide back down the hill.
We finally get there. It is still snowing and 22 degrees. We got our tour tickets but the next tour started 20 minutes. We hung out waiting for the tour to start. Finally the tour started. We had to walk 5 minutes along the path down to the house. When the house came into view it was breathtaking. The guide met us at the front door. We entered the living room/dining room area. There was a roaring fire which felt good. The guide was good. She gave us a lot of information about Frank Lloyd Wright and Edgar and Lily Kaufman who he built the house for. The inside is just as amazing as the outside. There are three levels and bathrooms in the house. Lots of terraces. It was cool hearing and seeing the water. There is also a guest house that was built above the house with a pool and a wisteria patio. The tour lasted an hour and was very informative. After the tour was done we walked down the path a little ways for a full view of the house and the waterfall. It was breathtaking. Even more gorgeous then in the photos. We grabbed some lunch before heading back down the mountain to our hotel in Winchester, VA where are spending the night.
We thought it would be an easy drive since we’d be coming down out of the mountains and we would be on the freeway and there wouldn’t’ be snow. After we’d gone about half an hour, the GPS flashed and said that it had found an 8 minute shorter route. Well of course hubby takes that; he still trusts the GPS. These roads were different – 2 lane blacktop, unlighted, undivided, through the hills and forests of West Virginia. Probably very pretty in the daytime. In the dark of night, when you can’t see over the next rise or curve, when every oncoming car is running with their high beams (and they never dim them), it’s a white knuckle experience. Don’t know how long we were on these roads but it seemed forever, but at last we got to our hotel and settled in for the night.

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