Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sierra Point Prowl Race

Hubby, the boy and I ran in the Sierra Point Prowl.  We all did the 5K.  The boy ran ahead of us and finished the race in 41:07.  Hubby and I were about 20 minutes behind the boy.  This is the second time we have done this race.  Last year the boy and I did the kids 1 mile fun run and hubby did the 5K.  The boy ran it and I walked it.  This year hubby and I ran the first mile to the bridge which took 15 minutes, walked for 16 minutes to the turn around, ran for 15 minutes to the bridge, walked for 10 minutes and ran the rest of the race to finish it in 1:00. This year there weren't as many people doing the race.  After the race all the participants got a free lunch provided by the Lions Club.  They had tri-trip sandwich, hamburgers, polish sausage and hots, chips and a drink.  Last year there was a British Car Show going on too.  This year there were a few cars from the car show.  The boy was looking forward to seeing the car show so he was disappointed when there were hardly any cars there.  We all did much better then last year.  I was able to to run more of the race this year.  Next year I should be able to run the whole race!

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  1. Maybe one day I'll get adventurous (sp?) enough to try. Right now I think I'll stick with running on the Wii. :) But good for all of you for doing each year.