Monday, August 16, 2010

Aladdin Performance

My son just finished up his drama camp over the weekend.  They performed Aladdin on Friday and Saturday.  This camp lasted a month.  The second day they had a talent show and read lines for the various parts.  My son was trying out for a couple of the major parts.  He had a dance routine ready for the talent part but he got flustered and couldn't remember his steps.  He got the part of one of the merchants and part of a dragon.  He had a fun time at this camp.  This was the first time he has taken this camp.  He wants to do this camp again next summer.

They had a preview on Friday and then the actual performance on Friday night.  It was a busy day on Friday and Saturday running back and forth to the theater.  The kids did an excellent job.  The play came out great.  Watching the play was really fun.  I saw the play 3 times.  His Grandma, Auntie, his friend and his friend's mom saw the play at the earlier time on Saturday and they all enjoyed it.  His cousin was also in the play.

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