Sunday, August 01, 2010

Feeling Wicked

Wicked the Musical: Photo by Kate Benediktsson

We took our son to see Wicked before the show ends in September.  This was our 2nd time seeing Wicked and the first time for our son.  We took Bart which drops you right in front of the theatre.  We went to the matinee.  We had really good seats in the orchestra section  11 rows back from the orchestra.  The seats were awesome!  The last time hubby and I went we were in orchestra seats but farther back.  This time we saw stuff we didn't see before.  It was cool  being able to see the faces of the actors.  My son really enjoyed the show.  At times he was sitting on the edge of his seat.  I bought the soundtrack after the first time I saw the show so my son knew all of the songs.  This time when Elphaba sang Defying Gravity, she gave me the chills.  It seemed more spectacular then last time. Love this show.

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