Saturday, July 10, 2010

Disco Birthday Party

Hubby, my son and I went to my friend's 50th birthday party. My friend and I grew up together. Her family lived across the street from us. I went to all of their family gatherings when I was younger so her mom called me her adoptive daughter. She had a disco theme. The invitation said to come in your best "disco outfit". My son was so excited about the party and getting to dance to disco music. When we went out looking for outfits we looked at the thrift shops but they didn't have anything so we went to a costume store which had a quite a few things to choose from. My son found a gold sequined top with black bell bottom pants to wear, hubby found a black and silver shiny shirt to wear. They both wore gold chains. I found a retro daisy print mini dress that I paired with black leggings, orange earrings, orange headband, silver disco ball necklace and rhinestone studded shoes. We had a blast. There were a handful of us who dressed up. My friend's pants suit was the same as my husbands shirt. It was fun seeing my friend and her family. I haven't seen her in a while. Lots of good food and good company. Her relatives all recognized me. I must still look the same.

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