Sunday, July 11, 2010

My son went to a friend's birthday party at Planet Granite which is a rock climbing gym.  This was the first time that he has done rock climbing. His first time up he got halfway up the wall before he wanted to come down.  The second time he made it to the top of the wall.  All the kids had fun. They have different degrees of hardness for each of the walls.  His best friend climbed the 5.6 wall which was tough but he made it to the top. After climbing 2 times my son said he was done with climbing, he was tired and his hands were sore.  Afterwards they had a picnic across the street where there is a walking path and some grass.  They had pizza, salad, fruit, drinks and cake. The kids played Frisbee and ran around chasing each other. That was a fun birthday party.


  1. WOW! that was a fun amazing Birthday Party. Nice rock climbing! Really amazing.

  2. Nice Birthday Party! Your Son is too smart. Climbing two times isn't a easy thing to do.