Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New Area Rug

A couple of weeks ago our new area rug arrived. I have been searching for a 9x12 area rug for our living room for a while. I wanted one that had a slight pattern. Most of them were overly ornate. I found one I liked a month ago but when I went to buy it they didn't have it anymore so I went through their rugs and found one that was similar. It arrived on a Saturday so Sunday we spent the day moving the furniture into the dining room, pulling up the old area rug and pad, sweeping the hardwood floor and then laying the new one rug down. We didn't get a rug pad this time so we just laid it down without one. We decided to rearrange the furniture. The new rug and furniture arrangement makes the living room more warm, inviting and cozy. We also bought a new fireplace screen. Now I need new wall color and curtains. We have a dining room/living room combo so now I need a new area rug for the dining room.

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