Thursday, July 09, 2009

Trinity Lake Camping

Hubby, the boy and I went camping with our friends Sunday-Tuesday. Our friends and their children’s families go every year to Trinity Lake, which is North of Redding. It is a 6-hour drive to get up there. The water was really low this year. We had to walk down a 100 yards to get to the water. The campground was pretty empty, too. A lot of people were there for the 4th of July weekend and they all left on Sunday. We left really late Sunday at 1:45 and got to the camp ground about 9:00. We set up camp in the dark. We hadn’t eaten so our friends offered us some dinner because they had some leftover. It was really late before we got settled and went to sleep. Hubby was snoring so loud that I didn’t sleep well. We had bought a new tent so we got to try it out. It is bigger then our old tent and have more room to stand up in it. Our old tent only had standing room in the middle but that is where we had our air mattress and sleeping bags to we had to try to get dressed bent over near the sides of the tent. This new tent gets darker inside then the old one. The new tent also has a lot more ventilation so it was nice to have the breeze in the warm weather but I think it might be too cold in the colder weather. The weather this year was warm and a little breezy this year. It was comfortable. It can get really hot there.

Monday we woke up and had some pancakes. Then hubby and the boy headed down to the lake for an early swim. I stayed up at the camp because I didn’t feel like swimming then. I was tired so I lay down and took a nap. After my nap I read my book. Hubby and the boy came back up and we had some lunch. Hung around the camp and rested for a bit then we all went back down to the lake. The boy went in the ski boat because our friend’s granddaughter and her friends wanted to go tubing. The boy loves going out in the ski boat because he gets to steer the boat. They were gone for a long time then when they came back the boy was driving and got to drive up to the shore. He was all excited about that. Around 5:00 we all headed up for some dinner. We had some hamburgers. We had corn but we didn’t have a pot big enough to cook it so went had some corn with our friends because they had a lot left over.

Tuesday morning hubby and the boy went down for one last swim. The boy wanted to drive the Jet Ski. The one that you sit down on didn’t arrived until late Monday so they launched it on Tuesday. Our friend’s husband sits on the Jet Ski with the boy and lets him drive it. He is still too young to go out on the Jet Ski by himself. They stayed down there for a bit then they came up and had some lunch. We packed up our camp and we were out of their by 2:45. It was 9:00 by the time we got home so on the way home we stopped at In-n-Out for dinner and got some Krispy Kreme donuts which is next door. They boy said it was the best day because he had French toast for breakfast, a steak taco for the lunch, In-n-Out for dinner and Krispy Kreme donut for dessert. Now In-n-Out is his favorite hamburger joint.

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