Thursday, July 02, 2009

The boy started swimming lessons last week. The lessons are M-F and go for 5 weeks. I signed him up for all 5 weeks. The first day he was a little nervous because he hasn’t taken swimming lessons since last summer. They tested him and put him in yellow. I looked at his card from last summer and it said he was in blue so I talked to gal who is in charge and she switched his teacher and put him in blue. In blue they have them work in the deep end and the boy is not comfortable in the deep end so they let him go to the 4 ½ feet section. At the end of the week they test the kids and either move them up or tell them what they need to work on to advance to the next level. He is still in blue.

Tuesday we went to rec swim. The weather has been so warm here this last week. This week is a little cooler. There were a lot of kids at rec swim. We also went to rec swim this week, too. We took the boys friend. They ended up playing in the deep end now the boy is more comfortable being in the deep end.

This year the swimming lessons are being held at our local high schools pool. This pool has no roof. The kids love swimming outside. It gets pretty warm. I am getting a nice farmer tan on my arms. They usually have the lessons in a pool that is covered but that pool is being remodeled. I’m getting tired of sitting in the warm sun.

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