Monday, July 27, 2009

Taking My Pants For A Walk

Blog Prompt: Today is Take Your Pants for a Walk Day. Go for a walk (or pretend you have gone for a walk) and tell about your walk. What did you see? What was the weather like? What smells surrounded you? What did you hear?

Mori Point (p9298399)

My pants went for a walk/jog along the Quarry trail. At the parking lot near the start of the trail I can see, smell and hear the ocean. I see the cliffs above the ocean. It is sunny and mild but a lot of the times it is foggy. I can see hawks and seagulls flying around the cliffs. I start off walking until I get to the first bench then I jog until I reach the second bench. I start walking so I can catch my breath in between jogging. As I get farther away from the parking lot it is pretty quiet except for the sound of the creek flowing into the ocean, rustling in the bushes and birds singing. I walk/jog past a few people but for the most part I have the trail all to myself. My son rides his scooter along side me encouraging me to keep jogging to the next bench and “you can make it, Mom”. The trail has a slight incline then it levels off. I make it to the other end, turn around and head back to the parking where I stretch after my walk/jog workout.

Image by uzvards via Flickr
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  1. Sounds heavenly. Love the picture.

    We only live about a mile and a half from the beach, but no cliffs. Just super white sand beaches.

  2. What beautiful scenery to walk by.

  3. This sounds absolutely beautiful! I love how you described it!