Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rec Swim

In n Out Burger burgers

The boy went to “Rec Swim” with his friend today. They went to a pool called “Riconada Pool”. I have never been there but I have heard it is a nice pool. The weather is definitely warmer there. He was so excited about going swimming with his friend who he hasn’t seen much of this summer. He kept asking me when his friend was going to be there. He kept asking me the time. My friend called and said they were home and that they wanted to go eat at In N’ Out burger and asked if it was all right if they took the boy with them. Ever since we stopped to eat there on our way home from camping it has been the boys new favorite hamburger joint. He has wanted to go there this week. I bet he was excited because he gets to eat there tonight! I haven’t seen the boy yet he is expected to be home around 8ish tonight.

Image by misterbisson via Flickr
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  1. I had my first taste of in and out about a month ago....I am really craving it now! There are none around here!