Friday, March 27, 2009

A Fun Line Dance

Have any of you all seen this new dance called the "Cupid Shuffle"? I learned how to do this dance while I was subbing as an aide in one of the 4th grade classes at my son's school. I went with the boy who I was aiding to Music class. They sang some songs and then the Music teacher taught them the "Cupid Shuffle" dance. The kids had a blast learning how to do this dance. It is a line dance danced to a hip hop song by Cupid. It is a very easy and fun line dance. I had a great time dancing with the class.

1 comment:

  1. Love that dance!
    I am a little late to the blog party but I like yours! I’m having a little party at my place too!

    I'm not a mom yet myself but I'm thinking that may change one day soon! I'm trying to get the DL from moms on "the stuff they don't tell you beforehand!" haha.

    Can't wait to pick your brain! And please feel free to share your advice or secrets anytime!