Wednesday, February 11, 2009

School Variety Show

Tonight was my son's school Variety Show. The boy and two of his friends did a "Harry Potter Sock Puppet" skit. My friend made the puppet theater for them out of a cardboard box. She painted it black with multi colored glitter on it. My friend's daughter wrote the skit for them. I am amazed at how many talented students our school has. The show was really good this year. There were a lot of students in the show. A lot of singing, dancing and instrument playing. The puppet skit was the only skit. There was a girl that tapped danced, her brother danced to the Russian Nutcracker, a girl playing an electric guitar, my son's skit, a hula dance, three people played the piano. It was a very fun and enjoyable night.


  1. What cute puppets! Did your son and his friends make those? They are very creative!

  2. Awww, these puppets are the CUTEST!