Wednesday, February 25, 2009

GoodbyeTo My Car

I had to say goodbye to an old friend today. My Nissan Sentra was towed away. I donated it to charity. It has been sitting in my driveway because it kept stalling and my hubby didn't want to pay to have it fixed since it has so many miles on it and it is 18 years old! I've had the car since 1991 and it has 184,573 miles on it. When I was working it got me to work and back. I commuted in it for 13 years. It drove my Mom and I to Oregon. My hubby, son and I drove it to Oregon in 2001. In 2002 when I bought a bigger car so the boy would have more room my hubby started commuting in it to work. He commuted 50 miles round trip in it. It got the boy to preschool and back and drove through a flooded street one time to get him to preschool. Unfortunately like everything else she was showing her age, her paint was peeling, see wasn't running and she had some rust on her. It was sad to see her drive away knowing I won't see her again but then again she was just deteriorating sitting in my driveway. If the charity can sell it she will make a nice car for someone else to drive. Goodbye little Sentra you served us well. I will miss you.


  1. I've got a green 1995 escort (my daughter's first car) that I plan to donate too. It served her well. Hey, don't know if you do blog awards, but there's one for you on my blog if you do!

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