Sunday, January 04, 2009

Progress On The Decluttering

DH finally got his desk in our spare bedroom taken apart. We have been working on decluttering our spare bedroom since the beginning of December. I had pretty much everything out of the room but his desk which he was supposed to empty out and then break the desk down but it has taken him this long to do that. Now all we have to do his take the books off of the hanging shelves, take those down so we can wash and prep the walls to be painted. I need to clean the hard wood floors.

We can't decide on a color to paint the walls. I was thinking a beige color but he doesn't like that color. DS wants the walls to be "orange sherbet" which I think maybe a little too orange. I've looked at lots of paint cards but still nothing has grabbed me yet. My SIL moved her office and she had some extra furniture so hubby helped her load the furniture into a moving van and then distributed it various family members that wanted the furniture. So we ended up with a nice desk and a lateral file cabinet we are going to put into the spare bedroom. I need to find something that I can use for a guest bed that doesn't take up a lot of room. I want something that I can sit on and read or relax on. I also need to figure out what I am going to do for window coverings. I also need an area rug. Lots of things to do to keep me busy.

Hubby was off for 2 weeks for Christmas so I was wanted him to have the room finished by the time he went back to work. Well he is going back to work tomorrow and the room is not any where near being finished. I can't wait to have the stuff from the room out of my living and dining rooms.

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  1. I always liked neutral colors for walls because the accessories can add the color to the room. When I got tired of the color, it was easier for me to change the accessories than to get hubby to repaint the walls! :)