Saturday, September 20, 2008

Soccer Game 2

Today my son had a soccer game. It was an early game. We had to be at the field at 8:30 for a short warm up before the 9:00 start. This is our second game of the season. The boys played a good game. Much better then last week. They were passing the ball to each other and working as a team. They scored 2 goals. The end score was 3-2. They don't keep score in this league. The boys were really excited about scoring 2 goals. The team they played was a good match for them skill wise. We had to bring the snacks today. My son wanted to bring gold fish so that is what we brought along with a drink. It was overcast this morning and a little misty but that didn't deter the boys. My son played goalie the first half of the game. We knew a couple of the kids on the opposing team.

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