Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fog Fest

Today we went to the Fog Fest. It is always at the end of September. I didn't get to see too much of the booths because I spent my time at the family fun fest with my son while my hubby worked in the communications center. They have free games like a maze make out of cardboard boxes, rolling a big earth ball, painting a car. There were a lot of kid activities. Then he wanted to go to the section that had the jumpees. The jumpees you had to pay for. One of the jumpees had big boxing gloves. The boxing gloves were heavy and huge. My son likes the obstacle course jumpee. There was another jumpee that was a firetruck with a big slide. We saw a lot of people we knew there. We also saw my sister-in-law. It was foggy today. Usually it is sunny and warm during the street fair. There are alot of different arts and crafts booths there. There is a photography contest, a fog jog, a parade, a sandcastle, the family fun fest, a walk climbing wall. They used to have an antique cars show.

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