Thursday, September 18, 2008

Helping Out In My Son's Class

Yesterday was my first day working in my son's classroom this year. His teacher is super nice. He has two teachers. One teaches on Mondays and the other one teaches the rest of the week. I checked in and graded the homework. Then she had me take a few of the students out into the hall to read a story with them. I helped out one of the other parents volunteering in another classroom. The teacher wanted us to put up paper on the upper half of the wall so she could hang the kids artwork. Both of us are vertically challenged so it was hard even with the step ladder to hang the paper. We looked like Laurel and Hardy trying to keep the paper from rolling down onto us. It was quite funny. The other parent stood on the ladder and did the stapling while I tried to hold the paper up. The janitor came by and said "it is easier to tack it up first before you staple it". I don't know how well that would work since neither us could reach the very top of the wall near the ceiling. After we got half the wall done, I told the other parent, I'm so done with this. She agreed. She let the teacher know and she said it was fine and that another parent volunteer could finish it up. My arms were aching from stretching to hold the paper up and I had a headache from craning my neck up to see the wall and paper. After I finished that I went back into my son's classroom to help the teacher. The kids were working in their workbooks answering questions about the stories they had just read. I walked around the room helping the kids.

After I finished working in the classroom, I went for a walk with my friend. We have been walking 3 times a week. We got off track though since I worked last week at my son's school as an aide to a special needs child. We are getting back on the exercise track again.

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