Thursday, August 07, 2008

Vacation Day 3

Day 3 -- 7-29-08

This was a big driving day, since we were spending the night at the Grand Canyon Lodge. We left Lone Pine after breakfast and drove down Highway 395. It was hot and dry but we saw a lot of bicyclists peddling along the road that went on forever. It's beautiful on the east side of the Sierras. The sunlight hit the tops of the mountains, streaming through the clouds and illuminated the Owens Valley like a painting.

We decided to see Red Rock Canyon. We got off at Highway 14 to Red Rock Canyon and saw a little bit of it and since we didn't want to backtrack we took surface streets back to Highway 395. Those are really 2 lane roads through the desert with almost no traffic on them. We weren't sure where we were because the roads kept going on and on. We finally made it back to Highway 395 which was a relief. Then we headed East on Highway 40 through Barstow and Needles into Arizona.

It was the first time my son had been in Arizona and it was certainly different from home. We kept passing long lines of freight trains and semi trucks. We saw lots of signs for Old Route 66, and hills that look like the ones in old cowboy movies. We made good time to Williams and headed up to the Grand Canyon arriving in time for sunset and dinner at Bright Angel Lodge. We, however, slept in a lesser (cheaper) lodge 5 minutes from the rim -- and without air conditioning. It was comfortable enough, with 2 fans going in the room!

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