Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stitch N Pitch

My hubby, son and I went with my knitting club to a Stitch N Pitch night baseball game at the San Francisco Giants' AT&T Park. We took BART to Embarcadero station and then SF MUNI to the ball park. The BART train was empty when we first got on, but we picked up a lot more people getting off from work along the way. The MUNI train was standing room only but we only needed to take it for a couple of blocks. Taking public transportation to the game works out pretty well.

The Giants were playing the Washington Nationals, one of the teams that my son follows because his Little League team is The Nationals. This was his first time seeing a big league game at a real stadium, and he was excited. He kept asking me "When is the game?". I hadn't seen a Giants game since I was little, and my husband hadn't seen them play since they left Candlestick park, so none of us had ever been to the new stadium and we were excited too.

My son brought his Nationals hat but decided he'd cheer for the Giants so we bought him a Giants hat so he would have both. He had a really good time, wore the Giants hat, and cheered all the way through the game, from the Giants' lead off batter's home run all the way to the 9th inning. The Giants won 6-3! The knitting ladies were a lot of fun, following the game intently while working their needles and managing hot dogs, garlic fries and beer. Should have seen us all doing the wave!

The new ball park is very nice and has views of the bay. It doesn't feel too big and everything is neat and conveniently arranged. It did get a little breezy but not nearly as bad as Candlestick. The boy wore his jacket and my husband's too so he stayed warm enough. We had a great time!


  1. I got a tour of the park when we were there in May and it was neat. I bought 2 Giants shirts too. It was really neat to read about it here.

  2. It was nice seeing you and the whole family. I wish my son was able to make it too. Next year, right?