Friday, July 11, 2008

Finding Bermuda Shorts Oh My!

I went shopping today for some bermuda shorts to wear on our Disneyland trip. Boy I hate trying on clothes. It is very hard to find anything that fits my plump petite frame. I did find some shorts though that look good. I was also trying to find some summer tops that look good but no luck. Why do they make all of the v-neck tops cut down to there? I don't want my top part hanging out. Then you need to wear a tank or cami underneath but that would be too hot in the summer. What do you do? My son came with me and he was a trooper while I looked and tried on stuff. I still need to find some summer tops. I guess I will have to hit another store. I only went to one store today. I am so glad that the longer shorts are in right now. I like the longer shorts because then they don't ride up. LOL I live in a temperate climate so I don't have a lot of summer clothes. We get warm weather once or twice a year.

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