Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Lovely Day For a BBQ!

It was a nice sunny, warm but a little breezy day today. My son had his baseball practice today. He moved up to the league that uses a pitching machine. A few of the boys hit the ball off of the pitching machine but most of them are swinging too late. It takes a while to get in the rhythm of hitting off the machine. It took a while but my son started swinging faster and earlier but didn't connect with the ball. The Pitching machine beeps and then you hear a thump when the ball releases so they know when to swing. They need to swing faster with the pitching machine. My son did good in practice today. They also practiced swinging and hitting from the t into the net, catching fly balls, throwing to first base and catching and throwing the ball.

While I was sitting there watching the practice in the nice warm sun I thought it would be a good day to fire up the BBQ. So after practice we got some pork spareribs to throw on the grill and some corn on the cob. Yummy. I love BBQ ribs. I have a BBQ sauce that I make that is really yummy. We also got some cherry turnovers that you bake in the oven for dessert. It is hard to find the cherry turnovers most of the stores usually carry the apple or raspberry ones. We like the cherry ones better.

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