Friday, December 28, 2007

A Nice Christmas

We had a good Christmas. We had our traditional crab on Christmas Eve with a loaf of crusty french bread. We went to mass on Christmas Eve. Our son was in the Christmas pageant. He was a shepherd. His friend was in the choir. Another friend was an angel. They were so cute. On Christmas morning we had Eggs Benedict. Then we opened our presents. We drove to my Mom's house for Christmas. Since she lives 150 miles away, we spent the night. We had a nice visit with her and got to see my nephew and his family. My sisters and brother spent Christmas with their families and in-laws so we didn't get to see them this year. My son got a nintendo ds lite from Santa. He was so excited about getting it. He had been asking for one. Now it hard to get him off of it. He will have a time limit to how long he can play it.

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