Friday, November 02, 2007

Fri 11/2 Blog Prompt
Since Thanksgiving is coming up here in the USA, I thought it would be fun to focus this month on things that we are thankful for. Each day I will give a specific topic and you need to name 3 or more of them that you are thankful for and tell why.

What kitchen items are you thankful for?

1. My new stove I got for Christmas last year. It is really nice. My old stove came with the house. It didn't have real hot burners and the clock and timer failed on it. My DH and son picked out the new stove. My son told DH he should buy the stove with the double oven so that is what DH got me. My son was so excited about the new stove but a little bummed when I found out what my present was because the store called to confirm delivery. The oven doesn't take long to heat up and the burners get hot so it doesn't take long to boil some water for pasta or tea.

2. My microwave. I use it all of the time for reheating things. I sometimes use it to cook baked potatoes. They come out better in the oven but if you are pressed for time the microwave works in a pinch.

3. My dishwasher. I don't like hand washing dishes. I want a new dishwasher that is quieter though. The previous owner didn't fit it into the space very well. It has gaps on the sides.


  1. Now that you have a new stove, they will expect you to cook more often and fancier dishes! I love my microwave too but not the dishwasher! You could keep that one. LOL

  2. Aren't new stoves just the best. I really love my double oven. It enabled me to get rid of the toaster oven which took up so much space. Now I am working on getting an over the range microwave/vent so I can get rid of my microwave too. I don't have a whole lot of counterspace.

  3. I appreciate my dishwasher as well--her name is Caitiebug & she's 12. LOL.

    Great post.