Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Slowing Working on Getting Into Shape

I started my 3rd week of cardio strength training this week and it is getting a little easier to workout. I'm not getting as tired and nauseous during my workouts now. My trainer said it would go away around the 3rd or 4th week. I still have to stop and take a break because I am still getting pretty winded but it has improved a bit. Yesterday it was so warm out that it was hard for me to workout without getting tired. I didn't want to get up yesterday because I was still tired and wanted to sleep more but I made myself get up and go workout. :) I am not that sore today so it must be helping. I like working out outdoors. I like not being confined to a stuffy smelling gym and there are less people so you don't have to wait for the equipment. And you don't have to sign a contract. We can come and go to the class when we want. It is actually fun doing 4 rounds of the different stations for 3 minutes each. We are working all parts of our bodies. I am making some new friends. I'm feeling a little better during the day and not so tired in general. I have a little more energy then I did before I started exercising. I've forgotten how good it feels to feel better and to not feel sluggish. Getting back into shape and loosing weight is such a slow process. How come getting out of shape and putting on weight doesn't take as long? Thanks to my DSP friends for your words of support. I appreciate it. :)

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