Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hazy Sun

This morning when I opened up the drapes the sun was a weird color. The sky was all hazy. Everything outside looked really eery. There is a wild fire burning about 60 miles south of us that is causing the hazy sun. The wild fire is burning near a State park. The fire has blackened about 27,000 acres. The heat and the heavy smoke are making it hard for the firefighters who are battling the sprawling blaze to get a handle on it. They had to temporarily stop the air assault because of the heat and heavy smoke. There are 6 other wild fires burning throughout the state right now. Later in the day it got really windy. Tomorrow the air is supposed to be better because the marine layer is coming in.


  1. Oh no I hate to hear about wildfires. I think of all the hiking places that are ruined! Hope they get put out soon!

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