Monday, April 16, 2007

What I Am Reading

Monday 4/16 Blog Prompt
Since we haven't done a reading prompt in awhile, let's talk about books (one of my most favorite topics!).
Are you currently reading anything that you'd recommend? Or maybe you have an old favorite that you recommend to everyone.

Right now I am reading "Beneath the Ashes" by Sue Henry. It is an Alaskan mystery book. I recently found her books when my hubby brought home one of her books from the library for me to read. So now I am reading the series. Although I haven't figured out what order they are in so I am reading them out of order. LOL That's ok. They are interesting books because I like mysteries and she writes about real people and real places. The people and places actually exist so that is cool.


  1. I've never heard of her, but I love a good mystery...that's going on my list, too!