Monday, May 29, 2006

Screech Boom

We were at our neighbor’s house last night for a bbq.  We all stayed there late.  We came home around 11:30(time flies when you are having fun!) and got ready for bed, etc.  DS was asleep.  Around midnight DH says did you hear that and I said no what did you hear?  He said he heard screeching tires and a boom.  We looked outside and didn't see anything.  Our neighbor 2 doors down were out there and asked if we heard it, too.  A few minutes later we saw a guy running down the street.  The cops showed up a few minutes later.  Our street ends in a t around the corner we saw a car that had hit the garage of a house.  The car was parallel to the house.  The corner of the garage was pushed out and half the garage door was hanging off.  We were trying to figure out how the guy managed to do this.  After looking at the skid marks this morning, we think the guy came down our street and saw the houses in front of him, turned wide to the left and ran up the driveway of one house and ran into the garage of the house next to that.  We noticed they had boarded up the garage last night. That was our big excitement for the night.  The people whose house he hit weren't home at the time.  What a surprise to come home to.

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