Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Safeway Fieldtrip

My son’s class went on a fieldtrip to Safeway today.  Since his school is near the store they walked over.  It was a very nice and mild day for a walk.  They got to go into the bakery dept and watch as they put frosting on a cake and made a frosting rose, they got to see the huge ovens and watch as the steam came out the bottom, they each got a small piece of dough to play with and then toss in the garbage can, then they all got a chocolate chip cookie and a really small Starbucks hot chocolate, we got to see behind the milk and juice cases, we saw their back storage area, the regular refrigerator and the big freezer for the ice cream, we saw a box being flattened by a machine, meat being wrapped in a saran wrap which was a big hit, a huge salmon and a couple of crabs, the frig for the fruits and vegetables, they got to pick out one item of either a banana, apple, orange or 2 carrots and lastly the flower dept.  They got some mini corn dogs and cheese from the deli.  The kids had a great time.  My son was tired when he got home.  A big day with lots of walking and eating! lol

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