Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Running or Lack Of

After my Divas 5K race in June, my running has been really inconsistent or not at all. I haven't been running in a long while so I started up again this week.  The first day I actually enjoyed it.  It felt like I was a runner.  Usually when I run it feels like a chore. I was able to let my mind go and not think about how much I'm not enjoying this and when will it be over.  It was easier jogging.   I am still in the jogging faze and run really really slow. The second day I went out it felt like I was trudging along and not enjoyable at all.  Yesterday I jogged a little faster, had a good pace and let my mind and body go without thinking about how I was jogging.  So maybe I am slowly getting to where I could enjoy it and not think of it as a chore that makes my body hurt.  I was keeping up with hubby who runs a little faster than me.  So two days I've actually felt good and enjoyed the jog this week.

 Before when I was running the top of my rib cage and hip would hurt.  I found if I don't eat a lot before I run it helps with the rib cage cramps.  This week I have been stretching my hip out a bit before I run so it helps.  That is another reason why I enjoyed it because my rib cage didn’t cramp and my hip didn’t hurt.

Hubby wants to run a 5K with me so we are trying to figure out which race to do.  I like the smaller races.  I found one that looked good but it is this weekend which I won't be ready for.  We are aiming for a race in September.  

I am thinking about joining our local running club.  Hubby doesn't want to join it because it is a “woman's running club”.  Yes it was started by woman but there are a few men in the club.  I don't see why it makes a difference. Who cares?  Maybe I should just join myself.  They put on runs and clinics for their members.  It would be nice to get to know some other runners in town.  Maybe I can find a beginner runner who runs at my slow pace to run with?

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