Friday, July 25, 2014


The boy finished his Actors Studio camp a few weeks ago which is a 3 week camp.  The play was Dracula.  The boy played Professor Van Helsing. 

Before the camp they audition and are assigned their parts so they need to know their lines by the first day of camp.  Hubby and I ran lines with him before the camp started and a little bit after it started.  Most of the kids in this camp have been acting for a while and some of them are in my son’s dance company.  So he knows quite a few of them.  There were a few new kids.

This is first play that was a mellow drama.  The director always picks out campy funny plays.  The cast did a great job performing Dracula.  The costuming was awesome and the sets were great.  The director makes the sets.  He is a teacher at a nearby performing arts high school.  The boy looked really handsome with his suit and the camp had him wear a vest and bow tie from the costume department.  Most of the boys were suits.  The girls wore dresses.  The play was dark, dramatic with a bit of humor.  They all did a great job.  They are a good group of kids.

It is amazing how they can put together a play in just 3 weeks!  All of the kids get a long so they enjoy hanging out with each other.

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