Friday, June 20, 2014

8th Grade Dinner Dance

On Monday was my son’s 8th Grade Dinner Dance.  I was on the decorating committee.  Monday morning we decorated the hall where they were having the party.  Unfortunately the time to be there was changed I had to work so I wasn't able to help decorate.

The theme was Paradise at the Point.  We had white table cloths, maroon napkins and sashes, the center pieces were glass cylinders with candles, sand and sea shells on a glass plate.  We used paper lanterns over the dance floor, we had a candy bar, a photo booth and food catered by a local restaurant. The two eighth grade teachers and some others were the waiters. They served rigatoni with sauce, meatballs, bread, salad, bruschetta appetizer and sparkling cider and water at the tables.  There was a DJ.  The kids picked who they wanted to sit with so the tables ended up with all boys and all girls at each table, except for two tables where one boy each was seated with all of the girls!  I think they should have mixed it up but... The boy got asked to dance by one of the girls. The boy said the girls were asking the boys to dance.

All of the guys looked so handsome in their dress pants, shirt, ties and sport coats and the girls looked pretty in their dresses.  All of the moms were standing outside taking pictures but they also had a professional photographer.  We couldn't get any pictures of them inside because parents weren't allowed in.

Tuesday was graduation day.  The graduation was held at a local junior college’s theater.  They gave us 6 tickets each for other family member/friends who want to attend the ceremony. 

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