Monday, May 19, 2014

The Boys Home From Catalina

I’m so glad the boy is home from Catalina safe and sound.  They arrived home this last Friday night.  The Monday before we dropped him off at the airport for his week long trip to Catalina with his fellow classmates.  The weather was really warm the whole week so he was glad to be open in the cooler weather. He said even though he put on sun screen he got sun burned on the tops of his feet, shins and shoulders.  The food was good.  The bathrooms were OK except if you were staying on the boat.  They did they went snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, touch tank and tide pooling.

The flight down to LAX his about 45 minutes, then they rode a bus for the about an hour to Long Beach Cruise Port and then a 4-5 hour boat ride to Catalina Island.  Fortunately he didn’t get sea sick.  The weather was really warm.  They got all situated on the island.  The boys stayed in tents on the beach and the girls stayed aboard the boat. There were 6 in each group of  three groups of  boys and girls.  They all had marine animal names.  His group name was the Narwhals.

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