Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Yacht Ran Aground onto Beach

Monday morning we had a bit of excitement.  An 82 foot stolen yacht ran aground in the surf early this morning.  It was low tide so the boat was stuck in 4 feet of water. There were 3 people aboard the yacht and  they told police that they didn't need any help.  The police and the coast guard surrounded the boat on land and sea.  They had several jet skis circling around the boat.  The coast guard dispatched someone to give the crew a radio. They ordered them off the boat but they wouldn't go.  There were lots of the reporters, camera crews and people standing along the shore watching this all unfold.  After seeing his boat on TV the owner report it stolen. Finally after several hours the police finally got the crew to disembark where they were taken into custody.

The salvage crew spent the night waiting for the tide to come in so they could tow the boat out to sea.  Finally around 12:30am the tide came in and the tugboat was able to tow the boat to the boat docks.  It took the tugboat 4 hours to tow the boat.  There was some damage to the boat and the inside of the boat was trashed. The crew had a party in there with beer and pizza.  Obviously they didn't know how anything about sailing.

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