Thursday, December 02, 2010

Washington DC Trip Day Three 11-28-10

We got a very late start this morning because we slept in late.  We are still trying to get acclimated to the time here.  We went to Safeway to pick up a few things then we drove the car to the Dunn Loring Metro Station to take the Metro into DC.  We wanted to see the White House and the Capitol Building. We got on the Old Town DC Trolley tours and got off at the Treasury building. It's a little walk up to the closed portion of Pennsylvania Avenue that runs in front of the White House where we took our pictures.  We didn't get it together in time to get tickets for a tour -- you need to get those through your Congressman, and months in advance. We'll do that next time.  They were decorating the White House Christmas tree.  They are supposed to light the tree on December 11th but we won't be there then.  That would be cool to see.  A lot of the places and buildings are getting their  holiday decorations up so it is starting to look really festive. We only had enough time to see the outside of the Capitol from the trolley.
We rode the Metro back to the Dunn Loring station where we had left our car. The train was crowded with Redskin and Vikings fans coming back from their football game.  We drove to Captain Pell's Fairfax Crab House to meet our friend for dinner.  These crab houses are interesting places -- the table is covered with brown paper and you're given the steamed blue crabs and mallets and knives and you have at them. These blue crabs are good, maybe milder than the dungeness crabs we're used to, but they're smaller and take a lot of work to get the crab meat out.  We had sides of fries, onion rings and chicken tenders.  We also tried dipping the crab meat into vinegar which they do on the East Coast.  On the West Coast we use melted butter.  It was pretty good with the vinegar but I prefer the butter. Of course, the vinegar is healthier!  We got back and managed to get to bed not much after midnight.

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