Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hip Hop Performance

For the past 13 weeks my son has been taking a beginning hip hop class.  He didn't really want to take the class but after doing the first class he decided that he really liked it.  His teacher is an awesome teacher.  There were quite a few kids at the first class but then it dwindled down to 6 kids.  There were a lot more boys the first class but after the first class there was only 2 boys left.  For weeks the class learned a routine.  Today all of the various classes that this school teaches had a Fall Recital.  All of the kids did a really good job performing their routines.  It was a great show.  My son's teacher thinks he should try out for the dance company.  He decided that he wants to do that.  He was the lead dancer in the routine.  Everyone was watching him for their cues.  This is the first time he has taken a hip hop class.  I am so proud of him.

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