Wednesday, October 06, 2010

International Walk to School Day

Today my son's school and school district had a "International Walk to School Day".  The students could walk, bike, take the bus or carpool to school.  My son chose to ride his bike to school.  There were a lot of students who rode their bikes to school today.  The bike lock up area was full of bikes.  The bike lock up area is very small so there wasn't a lot of room for bikes.  Only a few students ride their bikes to school on a regular basis.  So I walked to school to pick him up after school.  My son was tired after he biked home this afternoon especially since it was a warm day.

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  1. Almost all the kids around here walk to school since it is only 2 blocks away. I think it is good that the school is promoting some kind of exercise for the kids that is out of the ordinary.